Hello, Manila!

I’ve never been to the part of Manila where you can’t stand and act like a tourist because people will take advantage of you. So this summer, my friends and I decided to have a Manila trip adventure.
Our event planner even made this itinerary.
Thanks Kar!

April 17.

Kar, Bea, Febby, Selle

Aboard the Ferry
We get student discount. 😉

And then, there was this one station we passed on the way to Escolta.

Lambingan Station

Got off at Escolta and walked all the way to Ongpin.

We were looking for a good place to eat when we passed by Royal Grand something house. We were hungry so we just decided to take a chance and eat royally and grand which was a good decision because of the food.

Insert Chinese words to label these food.

Pork siomai styled by me.

Yang Chow Rice

Beef in Oyster sauce

Lemon Chiken

Five full stomachs later, we head out to buy more food. Like these wasn’t enough. We had another good 10 minutes walking under the sun.


Peace, China.

Eng Bee Tin Hopia

I usually don’t like Hopia but I made an exception when I tasted these in a shoot. 😀

PasalubongsThere was actually a line inside that small store. Thank you, Eng Bee Tin for the delicious hopia. After that, we walked again. Now, we were going to 168.

Note: This is my first time to go to Divi.

Binondo Church? At these time, Bea had to go home for an appointment.

There were three girls walking and a lost one who has no idea where she’s going. At this point, I was afraid to take out my camera hence, no photos except for one.

Kar should’ve bought that skirt. haha. Febby and Selle were gone at this point because of the time and some health issues.


After three floors, I had my first shopping at Divi experience. 🙂 Wee!

Going home was another experience. I think we got lost looking for a jeep but Kar kept cool and we got a pedicab to take us to the plaza. Jeep ride – Bus – Home.

I don’t know about the other four but I was fulfilled. Hihi 😀


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