The Working Force and Unemployment

Apr 27

One Tuesday, I was able to go out and experience the heat in all its glory. UP told me I had to apply for residency aka enrollment. I just had to complete internship with 30 more hours, what is this for?

Judd was there with me but I finished earlier.

Went to Katipunan to pamper my nails and waited for 7pm. Color coding sucks. But what happened after is lovely.

hearts bokeh

Drove to Makati after 7pm to meet up with my “working” friends. Strolled around GB5 with Cha and Marloe.

Charisse: interning(?)

Marloe: employed

It took a long time before the others arrived. We were already hungry and ranting.

Hello Hello hi hi hi Hello

Lawrence: almost employed

Bea: employed

Fancy dinner at a Texas steakhouse somewhere in Greenbelt.

Lawr's steak/ribs

Mashed Potato side dish for Marloe

Bea's dish

my chicken dish

By this time, we all had our eyes on our food except for Charisse who had to order a complicated dish. We were all very hungry when her order came, so I skipped taking a photo of her dish.

chocolate something cake

Like we weren’t full enough, we still had this dessert due to Lawrence’s insistence. Everything was delicious that I forgot what they were called.

I’ve been trying out the heart bokeh effect. A friend told me about this before and I only had time to make it now. This is where I got the instructions.

Lawrence wanted to drink, we didn’t. But when he said, he’ll treat us, we all changed our minds. That’s what you call bribery.

the couple


But it failed. They just had one drink because drinks in Makati are expensive and I wanted to go home.

We went home and decided that we postpone the drinking to after next week.

Smoke Photography. I cannot.

Yes, it was a lovely night. 🙂


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