Going back to High School

Photo dump of pictures from Senior Year shoot Day 6.

Senior Year is a film by Jerrold Tarog where I finish my internship hours because someone told me that commercial productions are not enough for film students. Boo you! Still, this film is a blessing because I learned a lot and met cool people PLUS the location is very convenient for me, Las Pinas aka my hometown!

Hello Seton, my old friend

After 2? 3? years, I went back to my high school. Nostalgic is the word that best describes what I felt during the duration of the shoot.

Pogi, the muse

The Muse

Pogi or “Pugi”, as we call him, is the only reason I decided to bring my camera with me to the shoot. He is adorable! I’m scared of dogs especially as big as him but I just couldn’t resist. 😀

He is Sir Ben and Sir Carlo’s baby, the production design heads.


Burger Machine for BreakfastMay 8 – This is Day 6.


This is Ilsa. It is her first day because Judd is absent because it was his special day. They are all part of the PD team including Kim and Ivan



Pugi is part of the team also.

Behind the scenes scenarios:

Pat and Osay

Pat and Osay

Pat is my neighbor and Osay is my “bestfriend”. I think they’re the real bestfriends and I just proclaimed myself as Osay’s bes during Day 2.


This is Daniel. There are three Daniels in the cast. It confuses me. By the way, this is our school uniform in high school without the bow tie. It is a conservative school. Yeah, I’m glad I got out of that school. haha

PD girls: Kitch, Ilsa, and Kim

Moving on

Osay and Aaron

Osay is Sofia and Aaron is Henry in the film. They’re like a couple of something in the film. This was shot at the Zamboanga Del Sur classroom. ZDS was my section in 3rd year HS. Oh, the memories. Junior is kind of my favorite year in high school. Senior was fun but there was too much drama.

…and then I found this. Mara’s cup, a project in 2nd year(?) Hi Mara!

For Mara

I want to be a princess.

This headdress is beautiful and it’s light.

Sir Benjamin

2nd AD holds this clipboard and shows it to people whenever they need it. Also, reads the scripts to the actors.

Oh, Bunda

This is Sam Lee, Ms. Script Continuity.

Bianx and Max

Some of my co-interns. We are a big group of girls.

More of Pugi!

Pugi with Ms. Beverly

with Sir Carlo

Mackie Cinematographer

wild cat

Sam Lee, you’re so sporty.

For the love of film

Hello, Mitch Veloso

Call time

More of Senior Year soon. 🙂 Watch out for it.


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3 Responses to Going back to High School

  1. bin says:

    hi roanne great photos, especially the ones with pogi hehehe 🙂 correction though, pogi is carlo’s and mine, not solely mine 🙂 thanks !

  2. Melai Entuna says:

    Roanne! Nakita ko lang sa facebook na may personal blog ka pala! Ako rin! Musta? Di ko na kayo nakikita 🙂 Ingat lagi! Babasahin ko ang blog mo para may updates ko sainyo kahit papano. Ilsa’s hair is ART. Haha.


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