With or Without Color, It’s a Fiesta!

Taking a break from Senior Year shoot, I went to the Pahiyas Festival with my sister and her friends. It was a very long and fun trip.May 15

It was our first time to join a group tour, Travelfactor.

3 am at McDo, El Pueblo

Meet Ms. Leight

Seat 6C

And so, the 7-hour trip begins…

Cause of delay: Fire at SLEX

Palaisdaan Restaurant

Finally, we got to somewhere, lunch. 😀

my plate

Karla and Aris

Still with smiles after 7 tiring hours.

A little strolling around the Palaisdaan restaurant. Ate Leigh posing for the camera. This is Photoholic Pahiyas after all.

Some souvenirs

Mount Banahaw

Lucban is only thiry minutes away from the restaurant. Then, something forced the bus to stop. The parade already started and we had to take a tricycle to see it because we were late.

This is Quirino Avenue and traffic is like being at SLEX in the morning rush. Halfway to the destination, we decided to walk instead because traffic isn’t moving.

Kaye and Ate Leigh

So much color

There were a lot of people

This street is amazing

There were a lot of flowers everywhere.

Someone was shooting with a REDcam.

And then a lot of carabaos came by pulling mini-huts.

a Carabao

People were scared whenever the carabao moved violently

A rooster on top of one of the minihuts

Of course, sponsors in the parade

After the line of carabaos, sponsors came with their banners and free products. Robbie Domingo was in a float together with a girl who could be famous but I don’t know her. In the midst of all the chaos of the parade, we took shelter in one of the houses because that is how it works in fiestas.

Jessa and Kaye

Jessa is one of my sister’s friends in high school and they have a house in Lucban. We went there to refresh ourselves. They offered food. I am a shy girl so I refused but they look delicious.

This is a Kipping.

I forgot what a kipping is but it can be cooked or grilled. That’s what they say.

Continuing with our photoholic walk…

Ms. Energetic

Souvenirs for everyone

Guess who bought a lot of stuff?

Birds fly high

It says Efren’s Langgonisang Lukban. We never got any of these for pasalubong. It was too late when we were looking. 😦 SOLD OUT.

Walking under the unbelievable heat of the sun

We got to the church.

The sun was behind it and it was beautiful.

Sun in the sky, You know how I feel

Of course, we endeavored this upgraded “wishing well”. This was located beside the church where there was a grotto.  I think that if you counted those coins, it would amount to a thousand pesos.  Not bad.

More sights at the church

San Isidro, patron saint

Candles for prayers

It was about 5:30 in the afternoon when we got to dinner at Buddy’s. It was crowded and we managed to get a small table for 6 people.

I believe this is Pancit Lucban

Karla's hat

My sister's hat

Kobe for NBA Champ!

After early dinner, we had to walk a mile or more to get back to our bus. We almost got lost walking for more than half an hour before we saw the bus. It was more than 2.2 km! At this point, I was tired and ready to go to bed but we had to endure another long bus ride before we could get home. This trip was SO LOOONNNGGG but it was a great adventure. 😀

Got home at 2 AM. Long trip.


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2 Responses to With or Without Color, It’s a Fiesta!

  1. Karla says:

    I likey!!!! Great work Roanne!

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