Out in the Streets

Goodbye, Summer.

Hello, Rainy days

and renewed shoes.

June 07

Went out to get my shoes from Mara after postponing this trip for three days because of rain and I am lazy like that. So I walked and rode tricycles. I haven’t been out of the house for a week.

Quickly for you and me

I have been craving Quickly ever since internship finished. I just read the warning text that they have on their containers and it says, “Please be cautious when drinking to avoid being burnt”. I’m not so sure with the last two words and what the whole warning means. Why would you get burnt when drinking an iced beverage?

My “new” shoes care of Mara. This was my first pair of Chucks. I love ’em.

She used Sharpie pens to draw on them. Apparently, they fade or smudge with water, or that’s what she says. I can’t wear them for now because it’s rainy season. I researched and someone said I could use Scotchgard (I don’t know what it is) to protect the image.

Mara: employed

This is Mara, she has just been employed that morning. Congratulations! I am very proud of my employed friends.

After employment conversations, we went out for a walk. Walk for fitness and pleasure.

I bought some stuff. Walk back to their house. Return the defective stuff I just bought. Walk back to their house again. It was exercise for us.

A symbol of love

I wish this pineapple was for me. Haha. It was from their neighbor.

Mara’s house is amazing because they’re neighbors with their cousins. One of whom I had a little crush before. hihi

It is very convenient for them. They share a backyard where they hold parties for their big family.

It was getting late and I wanted to get home before dark so I had to say goodbye.

SM Las Pinas previously SM Southmall

They are renovating half of this mall. I hate it. It is congested and crowded inside.

I did not get home before dark.


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2 Responses to Out in the Streets

  1. marariray says:

    I love your prime lens. Give me one. Thanks!

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