Life is Amazing

One class

One win


One ultrasound later,

I thought life is AMAZING.

June 09

It was my last first day of college. And on that day, I was too early for my first class because I didn’t read my email the night before. After waiting for two hours while watching the NBA Finals secretly at the office, class lasted for an hour.

Drove down south and wasted time at the SM Supercenter.

"Inclined moving walkway"

3PM: I went out to get to the hospital when it was raining really hard.

These names save lives.

Mr and Mrs Panget aka Tita Ruth and Kuya Zy plus Baby Z

Waited an hour for this couple to arrive.

Noynoy was also proclaimed that time. It was a historical day.

Monthly Checkup

I can hear her heartbeat through that device.

One proud momma.

After the checkup, I went with them downstairs for the real thing, ULTRASOUND time. I thought this is where magic happens, where couples cry when they see the image on the screen.

Well, nobody cried that afternoon. Boo, Kuya Zy! Show your soft side.

One chubby papa.

That’s the 4d machine. It looks like a mini of those cool editing machines I see at editing houses. How I’d love to play with those.

Getting ready

Most of the time, I don’t see the image that is supposed to be the baby. haha.


Except when they tweak it to look like this. Amazing!

Black and Whites

I got one of those for my inspiration.


I say that nose comes from our side of the family.

Free McDonald’s just for being there. Life is great. Thank you!

a demo of the nose

Class looks promising + Lakers win + Ultrasound magic =

it was a good night.


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2 Responses to Life is Amazing

  1. marariray says:

    Cute cute. Lol sa nose. Hahaha!

  2. oannewithanr says:

    You agree Mar? That nose is from our side of the family! haha

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