The grass is greener on the other side

Congratulations to my amazing La Sallian friends!

Say hello to the real world.

June 19

Lawrence and Charisse: graduated

It was “Cha’s little graduation celebration”. Lawrence and I were the first ones there. Well, we weren’t expecting a lot of people.

Some grilling at Cha’s house.

What is a celebration without some drinks? Right?

Some people love this Gilbey’s Premium beer. I don’t. I think it tastes like green tea flavored beer.

Bea and Marloe

And then they arrived, survivors of Bea’s driving. It’s her first time to drive the company’s manual car. Orayt!

And… it was Makati dinner all over again. There were only the five of us to enjoy each other’s company because our friends are too “busy” or too “tired” and have other “excuses” to miss a little celebration like this. I’m bitter because it was a Saturday. What better day to go out and have fun? Oh well.


I’m still happy for these people. They couldn’t stop talking about graduation speeches, graduation feeling, employment, future, etc.

Status: Employed

Lawrence had to leave early that night because he was ready to get drunk at another graduation party.

Thumbs up!

DLSU pin

Point Point .

I can’t wait to graduate. To be able to bum without thinking about requirements and thesis. To stress about job hunting or not.October, please come early.

These people make me think about why I didn’t graduate on-time. That’s why I needed a drink.

Presenting San Mig Light Cola Flavor

We’ve come up with a beer that will impress soft drink and beer lovers. Now, you can get a drink together with your favorite meals. San Miguel and Coca Cola should pay me for this wonderful discovery. haha!

I don’t like beer but I drink for celebration and also depression. Cheers!

In other news…

Kobe da man.

Oh yeah! Yellow seems to be the color of winners. 😀


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