Seven friends and a Japanese restaurant.

June 30

On this day, promises were made to us, Filipinos.  Wang-wangs and others were no more-sure sure. I will tell you what I think after 2 years and when I see real change. If you can fix the traffic all over Metro Manila, I will rejoice!

"It's up to you"

It was dinner with Core friends that night. I don’t like Japanese but when a certain someone insists and suggests, we surrender. Dining in Omakase at ATC where the lighting was good.

There we were, waiting for service and some friends.

Febby and Kriselle

These two have radars for picture-taking. They can always sense a camera pointed at them, and instantly they smile. Even if they’re not the subject they smile, and then you feel guilty for not taking their picture that you have to take their picture afterwards.

This is us, waiting for Cha to figure out what to order.


A hungry face

And now for the food.

California Maki

Stuffed Chicken

Pork Tonkatsu that you cannot see.

You can eat her if you find her delicious. Haha! She didn’t want to show her food but she says its a thumbs up.

Wild Raspberry Iced Tea

It’s not that wild.

American Dream

Lawrence’s American Dream arrived before he did. Febby thought it was a show. We were mesmerized by these American Dream. Does it taste like burger, fries and Madonna plus Brad Pitt on the sauce?

A few minutes later, Lawrence arrived. Our questions were answered. The American Dream contains cheese and other things. I forgot what they were because I don’t listen.

A late Bea arrived

Bea says she slept and woke up late. I think its work messing up her body clock.

A satisfied Lawrence

Royce from Singapore c/o Febby

Expensive little chocolate for dessert!

A super late Mara

We were already done with dinner and ready to pay and leave. Then this “busy” girl arrived looking for little expensive chocolates.

Thank you

We were talking about driving, runs, and life in general. We were that noisy table where 2-3 persons were talking at the same time. At the table, there was like a web of conversations. Example: I would be talking to Bea who is at the other end of the table. On my left, Cha is talking with Lawr and Selle who are seated in front her. Mara and Febby, seated beside each other, will be talking too. Only we would understand how it works.

A little mist when we got out at the hallway.

To Starbucks: Bea drove to park near Starbucks. Lawrence and I wanted to experience a near-death journey. Haha joke! Then, we guided her to parallel parking which resulted in an I-don’t-care-how-far-I-am-from-the-car-in-front-of-me-I-will-park-this-way. That’s how she rolls.

At Starbucks, we were just gossiping about people like we always do. Also, laughing at Febby, Mara and Lawrence’s jokes because they are funny or not.

Yummy cinammon swirl

I’m not usually the first to leave on evenings like this but I had to leave early because my sister arrived early. Being with these people remind me what I haven’t accomplished yet. But,

Yes, we will.



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