What is Honesty?

U507 view

Honestly, I think it’s the best policy and more.

July 7

Wednesday is my once a week trip to the North. I only have one regular class this semester and it’s on a Wednesday morning. This day, Febby decided to go with me to spend the whole day at school, hanging out with her orgmates. I didn’t see her until after my intense consultation.

A Febby chilling at Sunrise

A Karen

Karen was my roommate before at U507. Insert flashback!

I think this was our first week at the condo. We did some crazy stuff back then!

Third year, we had that weird collage on the wall.

A Janel

Janel joined us that year.

Last day together

Memories… end of flashback.

At this time, we were listening to Febby’s family stories. They are like telenovelas. When we were trying to decide where to eat, I shouted “Ababu!” so we went to Ababu.

A Janel came!

Keema rice meal

Chicken rice meal

The food is the same as the first time I’ve eaten there, overwhelming! Unlimited softdrinks for the night.

That night was really fun. We were laughing the whole time in that small table at the corner. We all went home together.

I miss Katipunan nights like this.


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