Quarter-life crisis over Chicken

Bonchon Chicken

I dont know a thing about such. I’ve heard of it but that is all.





and more GOSSIP after.




January 20.

Met up with Kimie, Kim and Bryce in Makati. Because we miss each other so much over the holidays. Our topic over dinner was Quarter-life crisis.


No, you don’t have that, Kimie. Don’t fret.


Listen to Bryce. He has the wisdom of a quarter-life man.

These chicken can be very spicy. They take my mind away from the topic.

I don’t have the guts to take the spiciness so I had this instead.

soy garlic



Also talking about people who weren’t present that night. Hihi. gossip. kim.

I believe quarter-life crisis is an invented term by our generation. We like to invent terms.

If you don’t get to live a hundred years, so when is your quarter life crisis supposed to be?


We had Starbucks drive-thru at the Fort but I don’t have photos of that.



And at work, two pretty girls visited me.







* I shall be posting pictures from another awesome night.


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