One less lonely girl

APRIL 4. I am reborn into this cute boy.

It was my birthday. I decided to hide it from everyone aka from facebook. It was a test. I just wanted to see who would know. There were the expected friends who remembered and the unexpected who really made me smile. Or maybe they all have calendar reminders which is okay than a facebook reminder.

I didn’t plan anything for my birthday. I just wanted to buy myself shoes, which I did.  And then I went to the salon for a haircut. I wanted to try a really short haircut.

Someone texted me to have dinner. And so we did. But before that my documented haircut by Kriselle.

At Benchfix in Glorietta.

This is the shortest haircut I've had.

Bonchon dinner!

I think I have Bonchon at least once a week.

my date

Bonchon chicken partnered with this Kim chi coleslaw is the best!

This is soy garlic. Their spicy one is a very spicy one!

Mara followed

The only two guests in my "celebration"

           I don’t know how to style my hair anymore.

Mara taking advantage of a beautiful light and background. We walked back to my car and we got lost.

Special discount from my former Starbucks Santana Grove! I miss those people.


Some people forgot about my day but some people who remembered made my day even more special. Thank you, friends!

Also, I graduated.

AWESOME! Now, If I can only find time to celebrate.


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An aspiring artist. Who isn't?
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