Chillin’ at LaLuz with them, balikbayans

It all came true. We were all together for one event.

But before that. A simple quiet getaway.

A long drive to Batangas

Our van had a ‘sunroof’. Yep. That’s what it’s called


La Luz Batangas

When we got into the water, this little kid took over the scene. Actually she took over the whole vacation. All of my photos center on her. tsk. what a cute baby Z!

The waves were pretty strong.

Teena and Issa

We walked along the coast to find a place where the sand is not too rocky.

Couple #1: Trio and Issa

The grainy photos and those with vignettes were taken from my underwater film camera. Film is old school but cool.

Afterwards, it was quiet. We were lazy.

Tito buds and Zianne

Of course, a vacation will not be complete without a crying little one.

"I dont ike hotdog and catsup"

Sorry, you have stubborn uncles and aunts.

To test the strong waves…

Ate Leigh

And then, it was down time again.

Gadget galore

Can’t get enough of this baby.

Getting for their Prenup


A kid with a lollipop, not a good thing to hold.

The shooting starts now.

My Assistant



Tanduay Ice for the night.



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