Old Rich Iloilo

Before the Dinagyang Festival

Aujero wide Reunion

JANUARY 21, 2012

This trip was already planned during the holidays, specifically for the DINAGYANG festival which was happening that weekend. A present from my sister.

On our way to the airport, my parents kept on talking about a reunion. (Our family are natives from Iloilo.) It was annoying me mostly because I had no sleep coming from a shoot.

So when we landed, slept for a few hours at the hotel. And then, we were on the road for 4 hours to the reunion. I slept most of the time on the road. So I have no idea of the scenery around.

Lunch is free


Mama's HS classmate

 There were a LOT of people. Something I did not expect.

Relatives, I don't remember their names


There was a stage and a talent show. 


Mr. Neil Aujero from San Diego

It was hot, like summer in January.

But the games continued for the kids and kids at heart.


Aujero Street


Apparently, our family is prominent in this area that we have our own street on national road! AWESOME.


And after 2 hours of sweating through my blouse, we travel to another barangay, sacred to my father.

A few of his cherished relatives, lived in this little barangay.

Very affectionate

Went back to the road after I took this picture. Slept again upon arriving at the hotel.

At night, my sister and I went out with a cousin.

Waiting for dinner






And, that’s a wrap for Day 1.

Pretty long because I took a lot of photos that day.

Dinagyang festival and church visits to follow, soon!


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