Dinagyang Festival: a view from the back

From Wikipedia: The Dinagyang is a religious and cultural festival in Iloilo CityPhilippines held on the fourth Sunday of January, or right after the Sinulog In Cebu and the Ati-Atihan in Aklan. It is held both to honor the Santo Niño and to celebrate the arrival on Panay of Malay settlers and the subsequent selling of the island to them by the Atis.

Watch this video. [vimeo http://vimeo.com/37847479]

JAN. 22

A jeepney ride to the festival.


Quick breakfast

In a little while, the parade started.

The first tribe…

Is that a bubble?

These people are amazing. They perform under the heat in full costume not just once, but five times! There are 5 judging areas, each area has a different judge. Talk about hard work!

We left our first spot because we couldn’t really see any performance, just the contestants after the performance.

Then we found a place where we had to stand on wooden seats to get a glimpse of this.

The back of the performance hence the title of this post.

the back view

So after 3 or 4 tribes, we, me and my sister, just had to give up because we will never see it better unless we found tickets or we can fly. So we just walked away.

There were a lot of souvenirs for sale.

my sister

Look at this cutie


If the statue moved, I would buy it.

Away from the whole chaos of the festival..

We found peace in food and air conditioning.

Photoop back at the hotel

The next two days were spent with church visits and food .

Mama's dinner with friends

Miagao Church

Mama and Papa


Knock, and the door shall be opened.

  .   .

A short and sweet visit to UP Visayas

Jaro Cathedral


This is the taxi that drove us to those two churches which apparently took all day.

stopover at Biscocho House

Some more luxury eating because food in Iloilo is so cheap!

In the end, Iloilo leaves a lot to explore. Dinagyang is a festival to see with a much better view.

Let’s end this with foolishness c/o Photobooth

Be sure to watch this video!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/37847479]

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