Birthday Month

Great start to my new year at life!

It starts with a date, April 4.

Early treat for myself, a Starbuck’s drink.

These clueless people have no idea why I brought my camera to work that day.

Sir Anthony


Marco and Caloy

I think my car found good company that day.

The people who made it to my crabs party!



little brother

Tanya and Ate Lei

Mommy Ruth with…


Let me take you on a crazy Zianne ride.


on an eating spree

What is a party without food?

Home-Made except for the KFC

and… CAKES!


Fancy cakes care of my sister and yummy Red Ribbon cake from Ate Ruth.

                                   .       Happy Birthday to me!

Some Photobooth action!

We are young.



It was indeed a very special day for me and my family. On that same day, in a different timezone, we welcome our newest member, Mia Quinn.

APR 15. Summer swimming day.

Reniel, my visiting nephew

Z just can’t get enough

In other news, I lost my precious iTouch. Gained new friends. I’ve been blessed with a few projects. I am a few shades darker now. I guess that’s that.

In summation,


Looking forward to May Madness.


About oannewithanr

An aspiring artist. Who isn't?
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2 Responses to Birthday Month

  1. aylablahs says:

    Zianne’s eyes are so big and bilog!

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