Mother’s May

Happy Mother’s May!

So we went on a little adventure last May for Mother’s Day.

Breakfast at McDonald’s

They(I had no part in it) decided to go Paete, Laguna.


Touchdown Paete

The reason we went to Paete was to buy woodcraft and furniture.

Paete is filled with stores like this.

We didn’t find any furniture store. So we enrouted to the Pagsanjan Falls!

Riding a small boat, Mama seems very tense. Anytime, the boat could turnover.

Looking for a good roofed space for rent since it was raining that time.

A little bit of swimming here and there

Tonton’s ‘pacute’ face

Taking cover in the rain…

Hearts to all mothers!

This spot is just halfway to the falls. We didn’t go all the way through.

We can get photo-crazy sometimes!

Check out the video link! You can see how the guides maneuver through the rapids.

I’m taking more videos now but it takes thrice the time for me to be able to edit them.


About oannewithanr

An aspiring artist. Who isn't?
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