Skipping to July

I know I am supposed to be making a post every month but sometimes a month just passes by without making a good mark in your life. That is why I am skipping to July.

Watch the video I made for my CDO trip:

But before that, a quick birthday dinner of my brother at Go-en, a new Japanese restaurant in T. Morato. Check them out!


Now, skipping to a wet and wild July.

First off is the Nuvali Wakeboarding Session with Ivan, Marloe and Febby.


It was the first time for us, Marloe and me. Febby had Parkour workshop session the day before, so she just chilled.


If you know what semplang is, this is what it is.

a poser Febby.



At the end of the day, we had one good run and we were able to stand up on the board already. It just took us 8 hours to learn. Is that a record? I don’t know. Definitely a great experience! I would love to go back if I there will be other chances.

Work in between.

JULY 26-30

FIFTH-Wheeling in CDO. Story of my life.

This trip has been booked for about half a year. So in half a year, I wasn’t able to convince anyone to accompany me in this trip to refrain from being the 5th-wheel. But yeah, life goes on. The trip goes on.

Early morning check-in @ Malberry Suites

Because we arrived early in the morning. We slept our ‘jetlag’ on the couch and then off to breakfast at Tapsi time!

TapsiTime signage

After sleeping off on the lounge couch again, we were off to our first adventure. White Water Rafting!

Couple #1

Couple #2

It was raining when we started our trip. Here are the photos I took with my water-proof film camera.

Beginner course.

In the middle of the course, there are parts where you can go off the raft and swim. During the course, we met a native family there and helped them to cross the river. I felt so fulfilled.


Jave enjoying the water bath.

If you take a look at the video I made (embedded at the start of this post), We went through a whirlpool during the course. Honestly, I thought the spinning wouldn’t end. I kept on reaching for our valuables’ bag because it was flying out of the raft. Take a look!

Photos taken by Kagay White Water Rafting

Lunch was out of the question because we were already on our way to the rafting. Travel time was 1 1/2 hour and then there was the brief, and the course itself took around 2 hours. Going back to the hotel, we could already feel our empty stomachs complaining.

Off to some EPIC BUTCHER’s BEST!

To tell you how much we loved it, we went back again after two days.

Ending the night with some sleep.

Off to Camiguin with a grueling hour boat ride. It made me sick.

At the pier

It was raining hard and the waves were crazy! Not to mention, they were showing Taken on board. We made it to the island after a while.

Brunch to start our day in Camiguin

Camiguin was my section in 1st year HS. I remember some facts and trivia about the island. The cross was a bit disappointing to me.

First of the two springs, the cold one.

At the church ruins

I don’t know if it was the continuous rain but I didn’t enjoy much of Camiguin.

But we did enjoy this pizza!

Some good brick-oven Pizza!

Alcohol for a good night’s sleep

In the morning, we were supposed to go to the famous White Island but weather would not cooperate so we slept in some more until late morning.

Off to CDO again. This time we took the long route back, ship ride and bus. We met up with my relatives who were kind enough to tour us around the city.

We went to a holy place with the big statue of Jesus Christ. We were force to wear skirts over our shorts.

For the four of them, this trip was over. But for me, I had an extended stay. Thanks to my relatives and my cousin who booked me a later flight with him.

Off to the airport

That night, I met up with an old friend who’s based in CDO.

He suggested Trivia Night at Missy Bon Bon.

We are called TEAM RAWR

At the end of the night, we were in 9th place even though we were a little late. Not bad considering there were professors and big groups in the game.

The next day…

Family and the beach! The sun was up for the first time on this trip.

My generous relatives

Ate Bigay and her friend

We went to CDO’s “White Island”. It really was just an island in the middle of nowhere. Haha.

wearing WhenInManila’s shirt

I am not used to the sun glaring. Look at my weird face.

Kuya Zy’s game

Remember I had a cousin who booked me a later flight? I think he just wanted me to watch his game. There he is in the middle. He is a superstar in basketball.

Last meal in CDO

This trip feels like a long time ago. I can’t even remember all the names and the places I’ve been during this trip.

I will definitely go back to Camiguin to experience all its glory in the sun. Rain is not fun.


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