There were no moustaches or charity events in November. It’s just that I like how Movember sounds. I got to go to trips and babysit a cute little balikbayan from the States.

Click and watch my video of our trip to Cebu.

Before all the babysitting and baby talk, I got to go to a short trip to Cebu with some of my old colleagues.


Lei, Tanya, Tanya’s sister, Kim, Perri, Mica



Couple # 2

Couple # 2

1st day and all we wanted to do was eat lechon at this place we read in the plane magazine, Kusina ni Nasing. We spent all afternoon walking and trying to understand directions from the locals. Finally, we gave up and had very late lunch at a pizza restaurant and when I say late, I mean at 4pm. We still went to Kusina ni Nasing for dinner.

night walking

Walking after a full dinner from Kusina ni Nasing

The next day, we traveled to Bantayan Island. It was a long and dizzy ride from city proper.

feet on sandIf you’re looking for a quiet Boracay type of beach. You might want to consider this island.


Graffiti Ruins

Graffiti Ruins




Mother and dawter



Mica’s lost sister


Prenup photo



I woke up early the next day just in time for time lapse sunrise.

sunrise DSC_4152

Couple # 1

Couple # 1

DSC_4225 DSC_4218Leaving Bantayan Island, we get to ride at the back of the pickup.

VIP Ride

VIP Ride

Back in Cebu city, we got to experience and conquer the Skywalk. It was like a piece of cake for me.







See? Piece of cake for me.

While walking at The Walk, we saw a heartbreaking scene. We gave them leftover from the huge burger we couldn’t finish. I couldn’t remember their names but I wish I could’ve brought them with me to the hotel just so they can have a nice bed for a night.



Just remembering that scene, brings back tears to my eyes.

On our last day, we had the city tour by a driver named Wenggie.


The right kind of love


Pamilya Zaragoza

At Fort San Pedro, we arrived at a crime scene. Someone took the sword artifacts and replaced it with tsinelas. Must be some kind of joke but whoever you are, it’s not funny.


Cebu city tour

Cebu city tour

A nice incident I saw outside one of the churches.

Batman kissing

Batman is gay

So that was just 4 days of Movember. Let’s go into the next 20 days.



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