MOVEMBER: The Balikbayans

IMG_8141The reason that makes Movember special is because of them, balikbayans.

A lot of events transpired that made it a special vacation for them and for all of us.


from Instagram


Tired Mommy and baby from swimming

First is the Christening of Mia.


Family Photo


Mia going wild

DSC_4836Mia Quinn only had three godparents present but we will be enough. 🙂

Celebratory Lunch

Celebratory Lunch

Watching movies with little Quinn which proved to be hard for the parents. They can only watch Rated PG films.

On November 23,

This happened:


Rooting for a yes

Rooting for a yes

Congratulations Trio and Issa

Congratulations Trio and Issa

Another proposal was happening. It wasn’t as successful as the first one.


A vacation wouldn’t be complete without a beach trip. Before that, lunch at Bag of Beans.

My dress is yummy!

My dress is yummy!


with Ninong Trio

"Yes" face

“Yes” face

After a two-hour drive with Zianne playing Payphone over and over again in the backseat,  touchdown Punta Fuego!


With Kuya Jun and Mia

With Kuya Jun and Mia

The Gang

The Babysitters

Excited much!



Mia enjoyed the pool as much as we all did.


Family Photo




After a dip in the pool, we headed to play in the sea.



Zianne pretty much didn’t care about us or the world once she got hold of her bucket and shovel.

DSC_5140 DSC_5201Guesstures and boardgames after dinner. Girls vs. Boys: Girls won!



 The last few weeks went by so fast. We saw Trio off.


Xmas shopping with Quinn

baby sleeping

Children always have the best sleep. They sleep with no worries in their mind.

Zianne kissing little Mia.

Zianne kissing little Mia.

Until the next vacation…

Lolo's waiting..

Lolo’s waiting..

Maybe this time, I get to go US again. *cross fingers*


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3 Responses to MOVEMBER: The Balikbayans

  1. Leigh says:

    US soon, please!

  2. Juno says:

    You did 😉

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