We Only Live Once – CORE in BORA

Yep. We said it. Take that, Drake.

DSC_5996Started horribly but it just got better from there.

Watch our best days of 2012.

After failed attempts at getting fit for this trip because of all the Christmas weight we’ve been gaining, the day finally arrived.

December 14

As soon as we boarded the plane, it was supposed to be smooth sailing. I was on the plane with Mara, Kriselle, and Ivan.

DSC_5557    DSC_5561

With a 6am flight, I didn’t care that our plane had busted airconditioning. In an hour, that wouldn’t matter to us.

20121214_151121 20121214_151137Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Instead, it was going to be my worst flight ever.

This is what happened: Our plane couldn’t land on Caticlan because of rain. We were flying over the island of Boracay when they announced this. The Captain said we were going to reroute to Kalibo. I thought that wasn’t bad. We will just have to endure a 2 hour  trip to get to port and then the island. Then after 10 seconds, he announced that we were going to Iloilo airport because it was crowded in Kalibo. Still maintaining cool, we abide. What could we do? He was the captain. Upon arriving in Iloilo, we learned that the flight before and after us landed on Kalibo and we were the only ones in Iloilo. What’s up with that? Refueling. That was what was happening, stewardess says. In several minutes, another announcement was made. We were returning to Manila to get on another plane to take us to our destination that was only a few minutes away from where we were. In my head, I was like WTH. It doesn’t help that a baby in the plane was crying. The four of us weren’t complaining yet. We were just joking about it but we already wasted the whole morning that could’ve been spent with the white sands of the island. (P.S. This could be the longest paragraph on my blog.)

An hour later in Manila, 

Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

We all had questions, no one can answer. Ivan was already furious with the ground personnel who had no idea what will happen to us. Another thing, they unloaded our baggage and we had to claim it and check in again on the next flight. Ivan didn’t want to get it. I got it because there was no point in not getting it. No one was going to help us. Someone directed us to the ticketing office. The next flight was at 3pm going to Kalibo and not Caticlan. The only compensation they can give us is a free bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan. Yeah. What a dick Cebu Pacific can be. No lunch, no lounge, no snacks, nothing.

We waited. We arrived. We were on the bus. The sun was setting. So much for our first day. I didn’t even get to see the sun in Boracay. When we arrived at the hotel, I cried. Actual tears were falling. That was the only time I was emotional. It sucks that we just couldn’t do anything.

Anyway, enough of all that BS. As soon as we were ready for dinner, it was time to celebrate!

Dinner at Obama Grill

Dinner at Obama Grill


some of my awesome friends dropped by. Kimie, Kyle, and their friend, Lorine


Jack Daniels to save the day!


Obama Grill had a nice photo background.




12 of 14

Showing off their beach-ready bodies.

We went stargazing that night. It’s nice to lay down on the sand and see the heavens. Also, nice to make wishes on shooting stars!

December 15

DSC_5689Nice beautiful morning to start our day. We stayed at a beachfront resort in between Station 2 and Station 1. The perks of is having just the right amount of people, not too noisy and crowdy, and a nice view of the sea. Ze boys (with Mara) were on a competitive spirit early in the morning.

1st round of Frisbee

1st round of Frisbee

Ze cheering girls

Ze cheering girls

Practice makes perfect: Lawrence and Marloe

Practice makes perfect: Lawrence and Marloe


Lawrence’s “Let’s get it on!”

Marloe's sexy diving pose?

Marloe’s sexy diving pose?

Some intense Frisbee 101 session happening:DSC_5776

Meanwhile, by the cabanas, a sunglass vendor passes by.

Danna - blue?

Danna – blue?

Danna - or maybe pink?

Danna – or maybe pink?

Yes, some of us got fooled into buying one, including me.

Shades Theory: The right one makes you look better.

Shades Theory: The right one makes you look better.

Mine would only last until later today due to memory loss. 😦

DSC_5796 DSC_5798

Panda hat. I would wear that on the beach if it made me look as cute as this kid.

Panda hat. I would wear that on the beach if it made me look as cute as this kid.

Time for some heavy lunch.


Bea and Marloe


Lawr and Fae

Koreans are everywhere.

Febby walking with her 'fellows'

Febby walking with her ‘fellows’

Happy Hour at Sur!

DSC_5843With drinks in one hand, we wait until the sun sets or until our other competitive friends finish their game.


The most competitive game of all time: Boys vs Girls.

DSC_5841Tip for all the boys: You don’t want to mess with us girls. We can get rough. And rough we did get. I joined in the roughness. LOL

DSC_5838Guess who won? Girls!

Girls rule the world.


Smiles on the beautiful winners! P.S. I forgot the name of the two strangers who joined us.

Bitter losers HAHA

Bitter losers HAHA

Alas, the sun sets. We were serenaded by a foreigner(I forget names) who was with us on our flight. When I say serenade, I mean we forced him to play the ukelele and sing.

At night, we finished the leftover bottle of Jack. We walked to find the loudest bar. Paying the entrance fee was the best decision because we had the best time singing and dancing to the songs of 2012.


Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Guess who got a little drunk that night? 😉

Decemeber 16

Under the umbrellas

Under the umbrellas

It’s hella hot outside the shade of the umbrellas!



Some of us decided to try the jetski so we rode the speedboat to the middle of the sea.



Charisse and Marloe on Jetski 1

Ivan & Kaye on Jetski 2 and Fae & Lawr on Jetski 3.

Rain, the chick magnet on the boat

Rain, the chick magnet on the boat

At this point, the girls from the jetski let the boys play their game and I felt very dizzy and nauseous. A kuya from the boat was very helpful. He gave me ice and a free massage. Woo!

I just had to sleep back in the hotel room while the rest of them had a big late lunch! 😦


We went for a Paraw sail to make the Boracay experience complete.

The complete 14. <3

The complete 14. ❤

The couple side of the Paraw

The couple side of the Paraw

Selle+JP, Cha+Rain, Kaye+Ivan

Selle+JP, Cha+Rain, Kaye+Ivan





Singledom except Fae

DSC_6063DSC_6138This was our last night. We went to Bayleaf, a restaurant suggested by my good friend. It turns out it had the worst service ever. Kind of like us having the worst flight days ago, it was as bad as the food service. Bea was really upset. I felt really bad for suggesting it. Now, it has become one of our funny jokes.

But for some of us, we just couldn’t let the night end like that.


The Dice Group (taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2)

Even with a long night, I woke up really early for some time lapse action I wanted to do.

DSC_6263 DSC_6262Some guy was playing frisbee with his dogs. I was endeared. I also thought he was gay.


When everyone got up and had some breakfast, we had our last activity. FLYFISH. Save the best for last!


Another need for speed boat ride!

Girls go first!


Compared to the boys, we, girls, were just flying all over the place.

Compared to the boys, we, girls, were just flying all over the place.

Boys version

Boys’ competitive version

Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud

I must’ve exhausted all my energy in that flyfish run.

Back to Manila, smooth sailing by AirPhil!

Bringing home the die

Bringing home the die (taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2)


Just in time for Christmas.

DSC_6132Watch the video again here: http://vimeo.com/raujero/2012



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