A Family’s Christmas

DSC_6440A short Christmas post.

If you’ve never been to the Philippines during December, then you are missing a bright and happy Christmas. Pinoys celebrate Christmas as early as they can, changing the mall tunes to familiar christmas songs and putting up the Christmas trees.

In our house, it used to be a very bright house during December. On Christmas eve, most of our family members come by and we wait for 12 o’clock to greet each other. Our tree will have overflowing presents. As children, I remember waiting for our names to be called, eagerly awaiting to murder the wrappers.

I think its growing up or its the changing times but Christmas was never the same as before. It will never be the same loud and noisy house. No more staying up until the sun rises.

I remember giving these children candies when they were so small.

I remember giving these children candies when they were so small.

Now, Christmas is as solemn and quiet as it can be. Noche Buena doesn’t last more than an hour. DSC_6452The number of people celebrating with us is cut down to half.

DSC_6435 DSC_6447 DSC_6448

No matter how different Christmas is now from 10 years ago.

Photo on 12-25-12 at 5.43 PM

There will always be laughter.

Photo on 12-25-12 at 5.51 PM #2



seat cushion

seat cushion




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