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There were no moustaches or charity events in November. It’s just that I like how Movember sounds. I got to go to trips and babysit a cute little balikbayan from the States. Click and watch my video of our trip … Continue reading

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One less lonely girl

APRIL 4. I am reborn into this cute boy.

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Before, After, And

What a wonder what lighting, production design and a little color can do to a normal setting. I miss those crazy days. I still love these people.

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Quarter-life crisis over Chicken

I dont know a thing about such. I’ve heard of it but that is all.   QUARTER LIFE CRISIS.     and more GOSSIP after.    

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To buy this or that.

I want a mini digital camera that I can take with me anywhere but I also want a flash for my dlsr baby. Which one do I get? vs. vs.   Now what?

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